Our Services

Architectural Design

MLDG provides a wide range of architectural and drafting services for your design and construction needs.

Our Services include; New Homes, Extensions and Renovations, Multi- Unit Developments and Commercial Developments. We also offer project approval management.


Gaining building approval can sometimes be a hassle. Over the years MLDG has built up strong relationships with local and knowledgeable certifiers to help streamline the process. This includes assisting in all matters related to building approvals, plumbing & drainage approval, relaxations and energy efficiency.


Already have a great concept worked out and just need it tidied up or want some changes done to an approved plan? With a fast and professional team of drafters, we can offer a quick turn around so that your project doesn't get delayed.


Council Approval

Local councils often have a myriad of different rules and regulations. It's important to work with someone that understands the intricacies of each Town Plan relevant to your project. MLDG does a full and comprehensive check over your project prior to proceeding, saving you time, money and any unexpected surprises. Working closely with trusted Town Planners, MLDG can provide you with accurate and well thought out proposals that councils and clients can trust, are viable and meet all necessary requirements.

Interior Design

We can assist you with designing your internal spaces to achieve the desired aesthetic. We offer specialist advice regarding colour selections, materials, finishes and lighting


Project Approval Management

With a number of consultants and professions involved in gaining council approval and building approval, it can often be a confusing process. We offer a fully tailored project approval management service, starting with you from pre-design checks right through to handing over stamped and approved construction drawings ready to start building.